Six Million Crucifixions

Part I: Historical Background

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation

Chapter 2: The Middle Ages

The Crusades

Blaming Jews for Everything

The Fourth Lateran Council

Forced Preaching

The Talmud


The Reformation

Martin Luther

Chapter 3: Emancipation and the Rise of Modern Antisemitism   


Modern Antisemitism



Dreyfus Affair

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Chapter 4: Modern Views

The Pius Popes

The Secular Racial Aspect

Hitler’s Religious Outlook and Views on the Church

Vatican Position on Zionism and the Holy Land

Part II: Christian Antisemitism

Chapter 5: Christian Attitude Towards Jews


The Church Fathers

Association with the Devil

Heresy and Sorcery

Distortions of the Historical Record

Racial Antisemitism in the Church

Chapter 6: Christianity in Print


Religious Publications

Chapter 7: Antisemitism in Sermons, Liturgy, and the Christian Bible

Similarities Between Nazi and Christian Thought

Canonical Anti-Jewish Laws, and Parallel to Nazi Laws.

Part III: The Role of the Churches During the Nazi Era

Chapter 8: Dealing With the Enemy

Religious Statistics

Hitler’s Antisemitic Foundation

Reichskonkordat: Opening the Floodgates to Nazism

German Catholic Church’s Use of Antisemitism

Belief that the Jews were the Driving Force Behind Bolshevism

Chapter 9: The Church’s Positive Attitudes Towards the War

Examples of German Catholic Prelates Positive Attitudes Towards Nazism

Examples of Protestant Church Antisemitic Remarks

What the Pope and Churches Knew

The Church’s Plausible Deniability Strategy

Chapter 10: What the Churches Said. What the Churches Failed to Say.

The Church in Action: the Kulturkampf

The Bishop’s Duty

Res, non verba: The Bishops in Action

The Role of the Military Chaplains

Open Protests with no Consequences

Reaction of the Holy See to Anti-Jewish Laws in Italy and France

Did the Pope Have Anything to Say?

Chapter 11: Smuggling Nazis Out of Europe

The Church’s Role in Aiding Nazis Escape Europe

Argentina’s Role

American & British Roles

Part IV: The Quest for Justice

Chapter 12: What the Pope and the Churches Should Have Done

Things Pius XII Did

Things Pius XII Did Not Do

Excommunication Issues

What the Defenders of the Pope Say

What a Repentant Church Should Say

Chapter 13: Legal Background

Underlying Criminal Offenses

Basis for Legal Liability

Chapter 14: Indictable Material

Genealogical Records

Clergy Serving in the Military

Acts of Omission

Support for Slovakia

Support for Croatia

Obstruction of Justice

Profiting from Stolen Property

Abuse of Diplomatic Privileges

Crimes Against Humanity

Defamation and Incitement

Counts for Indictment

Chapter 15: Conclusions


Chapter 16: Cleaning Up the Ashes

Righteous German Catholics

The Second Vatican Council

Towards a Better Understanding: Building on Nostra Aetate

Last Thoughts


Appendix I: In Their Own Words

Appendix II: Pontifical Bulls

Table of Contents